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Emma's Quest - Filmquest Entry for Fantasy Con 2014, July 2014, Salt Lake City with Angela Wilkins of Desert Magnolia Productions.

The make-up I applied consisted of a couple of beauty make-ups, an adventurer and the Fairy Queen, as well as some prosthetic fairy ears tips.

The Last Case - 48 Hour Film Project, Salt Lake City, Utah June 2014 with Angela Wilkins of Desert Magnolia Productions.

As the Key Makeup Artist, I applied three corrective, camera ready, make-ups to the male actors, and three 20's themed beauty make-ups for the actresses, who played Scarlet Bell, The Entrepreneur's Wife, and the Waitress.

The Last Case.mp4 from Desert Magnolia Productions on Vimeo.

Coming Soon!
Pam and Gay Ghost, a dark comedy short by Vapid Lovelies Production, currently in post production May 2014.

The make-up I contributed to consisted of the blood gag, chemical burn and stitched wounds.

Little Scar - Short Film by Reverie Films, Released in 2014, Produced July 2013.

The original make-up test was created with silicone which could either be sculpted at the time of shooting on the actress or could be cured ahead of time in a mold for a consistently replicated prosthetic.

To simplify the makeup color correction and for continuity, I later created prosthetics that would fit the actresses diminutive face from a mould out of Mask Latex. Only the stitched wound visible in Little Scar ended up as a prosthetic. The wound was later hand painted and the blood effects were also created by me.

Images taken by me unless otherwise noted.

Click on an image to see a larger view.

Cedar Hills - 48 Hour Film Project, Salt Lake City, Utah June 2013 with Team Lightbucket Entertainment.

Click on an image to see a larger view.

Behind the sceens shots courtesy of Brian Taylor, unless otherwise noted.

Lightbucket Entertainment's Cedar Hills 2013 48 Hour Film Project page.

Thank you Brian Taylor, and everyone I worked with on the Lightbucket Entertainment Team. This was a wonderful first film experience. I enjoyed the process, teamwork, and enthusiasm by all.

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