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Classic Elf Ears
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Classic Elf Ears
Price $15.00

High Grade Mask Latex
Size: 3 1/8" from front (root of helix) to tip.
          2" from front to outside edge (helix).
          (Fits medium to large ears well.)

For purchase, please visit our Etsy shop: PygmalionFX. Thank you!

Classic Elf Ear Example 1 Classic Elf Ear Example 2 Skin Tone Examples Classic Elf Ear, Unpainted, Front & Back

These classic elf ear tips are hand crafted with attention to detail and quality. Each has been individually inspected to ensure they meet our exacting standards. Made of durable industry materials, these ears can be worn repeatedly for years to come.

When painted to match your skin tone, we use RMG and alcohol activated makeup to ensure a lasting smudge-proof color. If you choose to paint these prosthetics yourself, for the best results, we recommend you use the same types of makeup.

Some trimming may be required to get an exact fit for your ear.

These ears can be attached with spirit gum, liquid latex, Pros-Aid, or Telesis adhesives. The edge seams can be blended in with latex, or our specially formulated blending edge filler. You can also hide the edges quickly with your hair and the use of an ear cuff.

They can be removed by finding the edge and carefully peeling the prosthetic off. Though for the best comfort, we recommend removing them with high a quality remover.