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Stage Blood, 2 oz
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Stage Blood
          $6.75 - 2 oz
          $9.25 - 4 oz
          $13.25 - 8 oz
                    16 oz, 32 oz, and larger quantities available, ask for pricing.

          Liquid Food Colors, Corn Syrup, Mint Extract,
          Cornstarch, Glycerine, Water & Preservatives.

For purchase, please visit our Etsy shop: PygmalionFX. Thank you!

Stage Blood, 2 oz Stage Blood, 2 oz Stage Blood, 2 oz Stage Blood, 2 oz Stage Blood, 2 oz

You will want to use our Pygmalion FX Stage Blood in your feature films to complete your creature or character look!

Many have considered Pygmalion FX Stage Blood to be comparable to the leading brands in viscosity and color.

Pygmalion FX Stage Blood is graphically real for all genres of film and entertainment. It has authentic, vivid arterial coloring in a medium viscosity. Corn-syrup based with a peppermint flavor that is safe for use in the mouth. Large quantity consumption, though not hazardous, is not recommended.

  • Apply Pygmalion FX Stage Blood onto clothing and or body parts to simulate:
  • bloody noses
  • fresh cuts and wounds
  • Perfect with our Gelatin Blood Capsules!
  • Let the blood trickle, ooze, and flow from the mouth of your vampire, animal, or zombie predator! The blood is just a bite away...

To minimize or prevent staining of the skin, remove within 5 minutes; or apply a layer of water based adhesive, stippled onto the skin, left to dry, then powdered with talc or baby powder, before blood application.

    Product Details:
  • Expect 12-30 applications per ounce.
  • The included dropper tip, is excellent for precision application.
  • Pygmalion FX Stage Blood can stain skin, some fabrics and surfaces; test before use.
  • Remains wet and tacky for some time, but will dry after a while.
  • Remove with baby wipes, or soap and water.
  • This batch has a two year shelf life. Preservatives Expire July of 2016!

A perfect accompaniment to your Goth, Fantasy, Vampire, Zombie, or Werewolf costumes!